5 Reasons to Host a We Are Knitters Party

Toni Lipsey


You ever just have an opportunity fall in your lap that you could not pass up? That's how I felt when my friends at we are knitters got in touch, asking if I would like to host a knitting party. They told me that I would get a chance to get a bunch of friends in a room with yarn and snacks and laughter. COUNT ME IN! I just hosted my first party last weekend and I am already planning the next one. 



If you have been (or haven't been) thinking about hosting a knitting party with we are knitters, here are 5 good reasons why you should:



1. You now have an excuse to plan a party. I look for just about every excuse to plan a party! Holidays, birthdays, National Ice Cream Day (July 16th, if you didn't know), so an event like this was right up my alley. Besides that, it combined all of my favorite things: great people, delicious food, and beautiful yarn. we are knitters gave me all of the tools and the budget to pull off a successful and no-stress event. 


2. Get all of your closest friends in one room. I will be honest: I cheated a little bit with my party. Several of my closest friends are knitters, as well as my lovely mother. I bribed them all with hugs and baked goods and they drove in from Detroit to stay at my tiny Columbus apartment for the weekend to help with the party. When planning your party, make your wishlist of people you would like to be there then ask them!


3. Make new friends. My party had 17 wonderful guests including myself (to say I was shocked at how great the turnout was would be an understatement!). Over half of them were new to me. They had driven in from all over Ohio and even out of state. One gal drove nearly 6 hours round trip just to play with yarn at my party! I did most of my advertising online through Instagram and Facebook, but also covered local yarn shops and my libraries with my flyers. 


4. Learn, practice, and help teach knitting. One of the first things that struck me about my knitting party was the huge range of experience levels at the table. Some had been knitting all their lives while others had never touched a set of needles before. For our party project, I picked the Downtown Snood, an easy pattern with a simple variation for absolute beginners. At the beginning of the party I laid down some ground rules, including ask if you need help, and help if you can. Within minutes, we had a little hive of activity and everyone left having made progress on their project.


5. Get to know WAK and their yarns. One of the biggest perks of hosting and attending a WAK knitting party is the chance to experience their kits with friends. Watching everyone open their kits felt like a slice of Christmas morning. On top of that, everyone received a discount on their project kit, free shipping, and another discount from we are knitters on a future purchase. #yesplease!


But the fun didn't stop once the party was over. We took the excitement to Instagram and kept sharing. If you're ready to host your first knitting party with we are knitters, click here to get started


 Instagram pics from Olive Begonia Shop Double Clutched | Annelisa_ai


 Instagram pics from Melcknits | Tammyp27 | Maker Molly


 Instagram pics from Tammyp27 | Purl Queen | Olive Begonia Shop

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