9 Yarn-Loving Instagrammers You Need to Know

Toni Lipsey

It's been an amazing week playing along with the Rising Tide Society's #InstaTideChallenge. Since Monday, I, along with thousands of Instagram accounts, have used their prompts to share about my life and business as well as make new friends. To end the week, we were asked to show some love to others. So here are some of my favorite accounts on IG and why they all inspire me with every post (in no particular order). 



1. Brittany of B.Hooked Crochet. I've been a big fan of Brittany for a long time. She's built a huge following by giving to others. Nearly every post is a chance to learn a new technique of try a fun product. I was so impressed with her recent Tunisian crochet highlight, as I'm working on some of my first Tunisian projects right now. 


2. Makenzie of BQueen Collection. If you have never purchase or been gifted one of Makenzie's gorgeous crochet hooks or shawl pins, your life is incomplete. A bit dramatic, but you would understand if you've held one of these beauties in your hand. I'm well on my way to having a complete set of her hand-turned hooks. I can say with all certainty that they are well worth the hype.


3. Alexander of AlexCreates. Watching a spinner work is like watching magic happen. Especially when the spinner is completely fearless when it comes to color and texture. Alex creates (tee hee) some of the most gorgeous traditional and art yarns I have ever seen. I'm always excited to see what he'll come up with next. 


4. Hailey of Ozetta. Can we all just agree that we want to be Hailey when we grow up? She is the first name I think of when it comes to handmade knitwear businesses. Hailey has been at it for nearly 10 years, and it's no secret why she has serious staying power. Aside from being a small-biz powerhouse, she's incredibly kind and lifts up everyone around her. 


5. Michelle of Poppy and BlissIf you need a shot of color to brighten up your day, drop by Michelle's page anytime. Her pastel rainbow gives me all the feels, and I have to fight the urge to start a new project each time she posts an update. I already have her Tunisian Sunset blanket queued for January 2017! 


6. Stephanie of All About Ami. To me, Stephanie is the queen of all things cute. When I first came back around to crochet a few years ago, I looked to the All About Ami blog of inspiration. One of my favorite things about Stephanie's feed is her mix of projects: she does everything! Knitting, amigurumi (hence the "ami"), crochet accessories, even some sewing. Her perfect projects and easy to follow blog posts encourage me to step out of my comfort zone. 


7. Bridget of Blending by Betty. If you put the best parts of crochet, embroidery, and awesomeness together, you would get Bridget and her fabulous shop, Blending by Betty. By adding jewelry and enamel pins to the mix, she made her collection even more irresistible. I can spot her work immediately and it always makes me smile.


8. Jewell of North Knits. If you have ever wondered what it might be like to knit in bed and drink coffee all day, Jewell's feed just might give you an idea. Her posts all look so cozy, highlighting works in progress and offering an uplifting Word to anyone with an open heart and a minute to spare. I just can't wait to meet her at the next Our Maker Life meet-up (I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will be in Chicago!). 


9. Sierra of Knitting Wonders. If I had to describe Sierra's feed, I would use words like chill, serene, and peaceful. The colors are light and the mood is airy, but the hustle is obviously very real. Macrame is an art that I've always admired and Knitting Wonders is the perfect example of a professional at work. I could wander through these gorgeous photos all day. 


Thanks for checking out a few of my favorite yarn-loving IG accounts. Be sure to check them out and show some love. And be sure to drop by my feed (@TLYarnCrafts) and comment on this post to suggest some of your own favorites.


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