Make the Cookies & Cream Shawl

Toni Lipsey

 A few months ago, I dropped into my local Michaels store (as I do just about every day) and found this gorgeous stuff called Caron Cakes. It was this giant cake of yarn with 5 blocks of complimentary colors. Guess how long it took me to put 6 cakes in my basket? Maybe 5 seconds, but closer to 4. 

Once I got it home, I didn't know whether to use them immediately, or to just stare at them. I mean, look at those colors? Visions of baby blankets and Bubble Wrap Slouch beanies danced in my head. What attracted me the most was the idea that you could make two of the very same projects with this yarn, and they would come out differently depending on where in the cake you started. GENIUS!

To help with my start-or-star dilemma, my friends at Yarnspirations sent me a few extra cakes to play with. I got Cookies and Cream, which has the best combination of sandy colors: off-white, the palest pink, a light taupe color, heather gray, and deep gray.


Now, I was officially excited to start a new project. I'm super excited to present the Cookies & Cream Shawl. 


 What you'll need:

-One ball Caron Cakes

-7.0mm crochet hook (or a 6.5mm crochet hook)

-A book or piece of cardboard, about 6 inches long


-A needle to weave in ends


Start by making 3 nice sized tassels. The best tutorial I've found for easy tassels is here. I wrapped my yarn about 30 times before I cut it. Make sure the yarn you use to tie your tassel at the top is left long - you will weave that into your project later. 


Now, for the easy part. Grab your crochet hook. This pattern uses the v-stitch, which is simply a (dc, ch 1, dc) all in the same space. 


  • Row 1: Chain 5, v-stitch in the 5th ch from the hook. Turn.

  • Row 2: Ch 4. *V-stitch in the next ch-1 space.* Repeat across. Do the last v-stitch in the space made by the ch 4.


Repeat Row 2 until you run out of yarn, then attach your tassels to each point. Now you have a beautiful, flowy shawl that's perfect for cool fall nights! Block lightly with a steam iron and it's ready for gifting. I got about 48 rows out of my cake. How about you?


You can find a fresh display of Caron Cakes at your local Michaels this Saturday (October 22nd). Get your shopping list ready by checking out the super cute Caron Cakes lookbook, and make plans for the other 5 cakes you'll inevitably buy by checking out other free patterns here


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Toni L.



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