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SAVE UP TO 30% - Shop Crochet Pattern Bundles HERE
SAVE UP TO 30% - Shop Crochet Pattern Bundles HERE


TL Yarn Crafts Toni Lipsey Bio About Me

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I'm Toni Lipsey, the heart and hands behind all things TL Yarn Crafts. After I've had my morning coffee (at least 2 cups), I spend every possible moment creating new crochet designs, teaching the craft, and connecting with all the makers I possibly can. My favorite things are meeting my Insta-friends in real life, smiling with all my teeth, and adding to my craft stash with frequent trips to my local yarn stores. I share this craft life with my Hubs of 10 years and my feline fur babies Peanut Butter and Sheba.  

TL Yarn Crafts was born in 2013 out of my desire to build community around my craft and share my excitement and experiences with other creatives. In my shop, you'll find my collection of beginner to intermediate level crochet patterns alongside maker gifts like t-shirts and coffee mugs.

Tag your makes and purchases #TLYCMakers on your favorite social media so we can share in the joy of handmade amazingness. 

Stay connected to all things TL Yarn Crafts via Instagram and my blog, TLYCBlog.


Toni L.